My name is Kirsty Freer, I have been teaching baby swimming classes for over 6 years.

I got involved with baby swimming after taking my eldest son, Harvey, to classes. We both enjoyed it so much that I began teaching my own classes after the birth of my second son, Archie. I began to advertise Splash Babies after the birth of my daughter, Missy and classes have grown with me along the way.

I trained with other baby swimming groups, and last summer I qualified with the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association). I am fully insured and have St John’s Ambulance First Aid Certificate, and Poolside Helpers Award. I am also fully CRB Cleared.

I have found that swimming helps parents to bond with their children and get some quality time together. Swimming also helps with:

  1. Sleep - many parents report excellent sleeps on swim days
  2. Balance and Coordination
  3. Muscle Development
  4. Metabolism

Swimming is also fun for babies and helps them to become part of a group!  We often find many friendships are made between parents and children too!

The sooner your baby is introduced to water after birth, the more natural the transition is. Swimming allows tremendous freedom of movement, exercising a multitude of muscle groups, strengthening both heart and lungs. This stimulates appetite - leading to improved sleep and eating patterns. There are many benefits associated with introducing your baby to an active lifestyle. You will be actively involved with all aspects of the class, including singing, having fun, splashing, using floats, teaching them to climb out of the pool and submersion techniques.

Our classes will equip your baby with skills that may one day save them from drowning. Submersion techniques will help your baby learn how to control breathing when underwater.

The Dive Reflex

When a baby goes underwater, their 'Dive Reflex' kicks in. The same sort of thing happens when you swallow. The epiglottis closes over and blocks the throat so no water can get through.

That is why you often see a picture of a baby swimming under water with his or her mouth wide open!

'Little Splashers'

Our aim is to give babies confidence in the water, teaching water safety in a fun environment.

Too often we hear of tragedies involving young children and water. Often, when accidents happen, children panic because they have never been in contact with water before.

We teach with repetition, giving voice commands. There is nothing more amazing than watching a line of 6 month old babies holding onto the poolside rail.